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Microsoft Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop: Microsoft introduces classic low price notebook

It serves Microsoft as a reference product for Windows 10 S. In Germany, the Surface Laptop is available in summer at prices starting at 1149 euros. Microsoft promises a recharge time of 14.5 hours and points to the built, particularly thin touch screen.

Microsoft, together with the Windows 10 S, has also presented a laptop with a surface design in a classic design. In contrast to the Surface Pro or SurfaceBook, the surface laptop can neither take the display nor fold it through 360 degrees, it can only be tilted and folded back.

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Surface Laptop a regular notebook in conventional construction. This makes the hardware different from the previous surface models, such as the Hybrid Surface Pro, which wanted both tablet and notebook at the same time. In addition, the new notebook will be delivered as the first device with the new operating system version Windows 10 S, which represents something like a closed platform. (more…)