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HTC might need truly discovered a little bit of differentiation

In a smartphone market which is turning into more and more repetitive, HTC might need truly carried out one thing which is taken into account a bit novel.

New HTC Features

In equity, you’ll be able to’t blame the handset producers, as there’s little or no to distinguish on now. Do you make the display screen larger or smaller? Do you alter the color? Do you set in additional storage? How about a greater digital camera?

What are you able to do which is definitely genuinely novel? It’s a part of the rationale they’re all investing within the software program and companies house; it’s someplace the place a little bit of differentiation may be supplied. (more…)

Rocket Internet and Spotify complain in Brussels over Apple and Google

More gatekeepers than gateways are providers like Google or Apple in app stores and search engines. The accusations are not new.

Rocket Internet and Spotify vs Apple and Google

First of all, in our opinion Apple and Google will win. Rocket Internet, Spotify and other companies are complaining to the EU about the alleged abuse of power by Apple and Google through their app stores. In a letter to the EU, the competitors are challenging the major suppliers to take advantage of their “privileged position”, thereby hindering free competition.

However, writing, as the Financial Times reports, is deliberately vague. Apple and Google are not named directly. There is, however, little doubt that these two suppliers are mainly meant. (more…)

Google Alphabet Profit and Investment

Google’s mother alphabet boosts revenue and profit

The profit of $ 5.43 billion at Alphabet and $ 7.6 billion at Google. Currently, only the search engine sheds money.

Alphabet publishes the balance sheet for the first quarter of 2017. The company’s sales are growing by 22 percent to 24.75 billion dollars. Net profit increased 29 percent to $ 5.43 billion, or $ 7.73 per share. In both cases, the Google mother surpassed analysts’ expectations, which had predicted a $ 7.40 per share surplus of $ 24.2 billion. (more…)

Facebook’s legal system

Facebook & Co: Fight for the last word

Victims of insults and calumnies are to be able to defend themselves if they are attacked on Facebook or Twitter. The federal government has decided today to draft the bill.

In theory, everything is clear: the protection of citizens against unlawful attacks should also apply in social networks. It is true that a company like Facebook can not be held responsible for everything that its 28 million users in Germany say on their accounts. But the law requires: If network operators are aware of legal violations, they must delete or block the corresponding utterances. (more…)

Big Data of Facebook and Whatsapp

Facebook may not continue to use WhatsApp data

Do you know big data? Big data is about everything which is related to our life. Everybody knows that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram listen to us via microphone and these information of us creates a huge compact group. This group determines ads on phone or computer. Social media has not only listening feature but also interpretive or commenting feature. Please try talk with your friend for 20-30 minutes around your smartphone and open your phone and enter facebook or any browser. You will see what you talk about topic with your friend.

Anyway, according to a court decision, Facebook is still not allowed to use data from users of the sms and video call service WhatsApp. (more…)

Facebook wants to read thoughts

The company is working on converting brain signals directly into fonts. However, one does not want to indiscriminate thoughts indiscriminately, the operators of the network assure.

Facebook and Future Plan

Facebook wants to convert thoughts to text on the computer via listening people via Instagram and Whatsapp and using Facebook Messenger. For example, the opportunity to send a text message to a friend without the smartphone, said Facebook manager Regina Dugan at the in-house developer conference F8 in San Jose, California. The current goal is to get to 100 words per minute.

facebook news

Dugan referred to current research at Stanford University. (more…)