Microsoft Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop: Microsoft introduces classic low price notebook

It serves Microsoft as a reference product for Windows 10 S. In Germany, the Surface Laptop is available in summer at prices starting at 1149 euros. Microsoft promises a recharge time of 14.5 hours and points to the built, particularly thin touch screen.

Microsoft, together with the Windows 10 S, has also presented a laptop with a surface design in a classic design. In contrast to the Surface Pro or SurfaceBook, the surface laptop can neither take the display nor fold it through 360 degrees, it can only be tilted and folded back.

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Surface Laptop a regular notebook in conventional construction. This makes the hardware different from the previous surface models, such as the Hybrid Surface Pro, which wanted both tablet and notebook at the same time. In addition, the new notebook will be delivered as the first device with the new operating system version Windows 10 S, which represents something like a closed platform. (more…)

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Google Alphabet Profit and Investment

Google’s mother alphabet boosts revenue and profit

The profit of $ 5.43 billion at Alphabet and $ 7.6 billion at Google. Currently, only the search engine sheds money.

Alphabet publishes the balance sheet for the first quarter of 2017. The company’s sales are growing by 22 percent to 24.75 billion dollars. Net profit increased 29 percent to $ 5.43 billion, or $ 7.73 per share. In both cases, the Google mother surpassed analysts’ expectations, which had predicted a $ 7.40 per share surplus of $ 24.2 billion. (more…)

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Facebook’s legal system

Facebook & Co: Fight for the last word

Victims of insults and calumnies are to be able to defend themselves if they are attacked on Facebook or Twitter. The federal government has decided today to draft the bill.

In theory, everything is clear: the protection of citizens against unlawful attacks should also apply in social networks. It is true that a company like Facebook can not be held responsible for everything that its 28 million users in Germany say on their accounts. But the law requires: If network operators are aware of legal violations, they must delete or block the corresponding utterances. (more…)


How to Buy a Bedroom from Amazon

EchoLook is Amazon’s new electronic fashion consultant for the domestic bedroom. He tells people what they are, as long as they send pictures of themselves to the cloud.

Amazons bedroom buy view

“We are a huge, data processing US company whose cloud services are even used by intelligence agencies and want to put a camera with a microphone and internet connection in your bedroom.” – Hard sell in the USA would be hard to sell. Amazon tries it anyway. EchoLook is called its new camera buy with cloud connectivity and machine learning algorithms(which is belong to artifical intelligence and big data). Among other things, the device is to be a virtual fashion consultant. (more…)


Smartwatch and fitness tracker open passwords

Researchers have shown how easy it is for hackers to arrive at a fitness tracker or a smartwatch on passwords and even to get the account PIN.

Smartwatch/Smartphone and fitness tracker open passwords

New York (U.S.A.). The smartwatch or the fitness tracker should serve us as hard-working helpers in everyday life. But experts are now warning that the mini-computer on the wrist is more about us than we like. For hackers, it is, therefore, an easy, passwords and even bank -PINs from the tap movements. Already at the first attempt to restore a password, an algorithm would promise an 80 percent hit rate.
Nowadays more and more people rely on technical equipment such as smartwatches or fitness tracker. (more…)

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Big Data of Facebook and Whatsapp

Facebook may not continue to use WhatsApp data

Do you know big data? Big data is about everything which is related to our life. Everybody knows that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram listen to us via microphone and these information of us creates a huge compact group. This group determines ads on phone or computer. Social media has not only listening feature but also interpretive or commenting feature. Please try talk with your friend for 20-30 minutes around your smartphone and open your phone and enter facebook or any browser. You will see what you talk about topic with your friend.

Anyway, according to a court decision, Facebook is still not allowed to use data from users of the sms and video call service WhatsApp. (more…)