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Facebook wants to read thoughts

The company is working on converting brain signals directly into fonts. However, one does not want to indiscriminate thoughts indiscriminately, the operators of the network assure.

Facebook and Future Plan

Facebook wants to convert thoughts to text on the computer via listening people via Instagram and Whatsapp and using Facebook Messenger. For example, the opportunity to send a text message to a friend without the smartphone, said Facebook manager Regina Dugan at the in-house developer conference F8 in San Jose, California. The current goal is to get to 100 words per minute.

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Dugan referred to current research at Stanford University.There, a paralyzed woman could write eight words per minute into the computer thanks to implanted electrodes in the brain. However, implants are not suitable for a spread of the technology. There must be very sensitive sensors on the surface of the head. “Such technology does not exist today, we will have to invent it,” said Dugan. At Facebook, a team of 60 researchers are working on this vision.

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A side-effect of technology could be that people in other languages ​​could express themselves without learning them, Dugan said. For example, the idea of ​​a cup could be implemented directly with the corresponding foreign word in Spanish or Chinese.

HOW Facebook Listen and More?

At the same time, it is by no means a matter of indiscriminately reading people’s thoughts, Dugan said. No one has the right to do so. Similar to how many photos are made and only a few of them show others. People have many thoughts and decide to share only a few of them. Only such thoughts would be passed on to the language center, were meant.

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Facebook presented two new virtual reality products at its developer conference.

Two new 360-degree cameras with 6 and 24 lenses are supposed to provide a much more realistic representation of environments

said technician Mike Schroepfer. This will make it easier to move in a 3-D environment.

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