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Facebook Messenger Live Location And Find Friends

Messenger shows where the Facebook friends are

The latest function of Facebook-Messengers helps. It is currently being launched worldwide and will soon be available to all messenger users.

Facebook Live Location

Users can already share current locations with selected friends in the coming days with the so-called “Live Location“; The new service will gradually be available.For up to sixty minutes, the positioning system is activated after clicking on the button and displays the corresponding contacts where you are at the moment. And this in real time. Facebook friends can then see if the girlfriend is really close or still in the ice cream parlor. In addition to the location, the messenger then even shows the approximate arrival time.

Location function can spare nerves

The new feature is also interesting for parents who can observe whether their children are safely coming home. A point on the city map points to the meter exactly where they are going straight. Permanent calls and messages can be saved.

Facebook Messenger

This is also practical if you have arranged with a larger group. You can display all the people on the city map. This saves time and nerves.
So far, one had to manually display its location, send it and update the information constantly. This is now all by itself.
To activate the function, simply click on the location arrow in Messenger. Then you can select the live sharing option under the tab “More”.

With the update of March 27, you can see the current position in a city map and can share it with a blue bar. A small clock in the function shows how long the location is visible for the selected contacts. Thus, one always has an eye on whether the function is still active and prevents involuntary spying. Of course, transmission can also be interrupted or extended at any time.

But Facebook is not alone with the live location: the social media giant takes over the feature of Google Maps, WhatsApp is currently working on a similar feature. And also the app “Find my Friends” works in a similar way and has been available for quite some time – but so far only for Apple users. Android users mostly used the counterpart “Glympse”.
Facebook’s “Live Location” is available for iOS and Android. This is handy because a lot of smartphone owners also use the Facebook messenger.

Data protectionists are not likely to be enthusiastic about this feature. That Facebook with the “live location” also its advertising more personalized and adapt to the respective location, is not quite unlikely.

Even hackers might be interested in the sites, for example, if they want to intercept someone on their way.

However, no one is required to use the new function. It must be activated by hand before you can use it.
Whether the friends should see, if you make a small detour about the ice cream parlor, is left to everyone.

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