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New computer virus causes havoc

A robust new computer virus was at present inflicting havoc with e-mail programs internationally.
Consultants described the virus, known as Goner, as one of many fastest-spreading they’d but seen and warned computer customers to instantly delete it in the event that they obtained it.

New computer virus causes havoc

Alex Shipp, spokesman for anti-virus service MessageLabs, mentioned: “It is spreading with great pace and 1000’s of customers in Britain have already been despatched it.

“The virus mass mails itself out by way of e-mail and makes an attempt to destroy anti-virus software program on computer systems, which might show extraordinarily problematic for these unlucky sufficient to obtain it.” (more…)

Lexmark sells enterprise software division to investor

It consists of the acquisitions Kofax, Readsoft and Perceptive Software. The buyer Thoma Bravo summarizes Kofax and ReadSoft under the Kofax brand in a new company.

Lexmark sells enterprise software division to investor

Products and technology from Perceptive Software will be added to Hyland software, which the investor has already long been part of.

The private equity company Thoma Bravo and Lexmark have agreed on the sale of the enterprise software division of Lexmark. This essentially consists of the companies Kofax, Readsoft and Perceptive Software purchased by Lexmark in the course of its reorientation. The investors Apex Technology, PAG Asia Capital and Legend Capital Management support the intended transaction.

lexmark scanner

They had taken Lexmark 2016 for about 3.6 billion dollars. This was equivalent to a 30 per cent increase in the share price compared to the day before the US company announced in October 2015 to “look for strategic alternatives”. (more…)

Google makes open source code used to optimize Google Maps

It is used to extract information from images. This includes street names or business names. The technology goes back to the work begun in 2008 to make faces and license plates unrecognizable in street-view recordings.

Google makes open source code used to optimize Google Maps

Google has made a technology for text recognition in its pictures of the TensorFlow machine project. It is now available to interested people at Github. TensorFlow itself has offered Google since 2015 under the Apache License.

On the occasion of the publication, the Google employees Julian Ibarz, Software Engineer in the Brain Team and Sujoy Banerjee, Product Manager of the Ground Truth Team also give insights into the use of the text recognition technology by the Group. (more…)

Windows 10 and Application Guard

New Windows 10 version shows ‘Application Guard’

The Windows 10 Insider Build 16188 delivers new features in the standard Edge and PDF browser. In addition, a new application security over containers isolates individual browser windows and ensures more security.

In the current preview version, Microsoft is showing new features from Redstone-3. Especially with the standard browser edge integrated in Windows 10 Microsoft provides with the Preview Build 16188 for new features. The preview is only available for participants of the Windows Insider program. (more…)

Apple’s Problem with Qualcomm in the US

Qualcomm has applied to the US Trade Authority ITC for an import ban. The chip maker accuses Apple’s breach of contract.

Apple threatens in the US import ban for iPhones

The Group had discontinued payments to Qualcomm because it considered its license requirements too high.

The controversy between Apple and Qualcomm, which has been open since January, is a new round. Qualcomm has applied to the US trade authority ITC for an import ban on iPhones. At least, Bloomberg has reported on an informant familiar with the strategy of the chip manufacturer. He wants to ensure that iPhones made in Asia can no longer be sold in the USA. It is not excluded that Qualcomm will extend the license dispute and also call courts in the UK, Germany and China to impose a ban on imports or sales in these countries. (more…)

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop: Microsoft introduces classic low price notebook

It serves Microsoft as a reference product for Windows 10 S. In Germany, the Surface Laptop is available in summer at prices starting at 1149 euros. Microsoft promises a recharge time of 14.5 hours and points to the built, particularly thin touch screen.

Microsoft, together with the Windows 10 S, has also presented a laptop with a surface design in a classic design. In contrast to the Surface Pro or SurfaceBook, the surface laptop can neither take the display nor fold it through 360 degrees, it can only be tilted and folded back.

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Surface Laptop a regular notebook in conventional construction. This makes the hardware different from the previous surface models, such as the Hybrid Surface Pro, which wanted both tablet and notebook at the same time. In addition, the new notebook will be delivered as the first device with the new operating system version Windows 10 S, which represents something like a closed platform. (more…)