How to Buy a Bedroom from Amazon

EchoLook is Amazon’s new electronic fashion consultant for the domestic bedroom. He tells people what they are, as long as they send pictures of themselves to the cloud.

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“We are a huge, data processing US company whose cloud services are even used by intelligence agencies and want to put a camera with a microphone and internet connection in your bedroom.” – Hard sell in the USA would be hard to sell. Amazon tries it anyway. EchoLook is called its new camera buy with cloud connectivity and machine learning algorithms(which is belong to artifical intelligence and big data). Among other things, the device is to be a virtual fashion consultant.But because Amazon has not answered so many questions yet, it is not quite clear what else it could be. Maybe they have some big data which is related to their buyer and seller.

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First of all, it is the third version of Amazon’s echo, an e-wizard for the networked home to be controlled by an exclusively spoken language. As in the first echo and also in the smaller echo dot, the software Alexa reacts to the call in EchoLook and plays for example music, dims the light or searches for current traffic news on the net.

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Added to this are depth sensors, a camera and several other software tricks. Customers should take photographs or film themselves. The high-angle and thus whole body recordings can be shared with friends. If one would like their opinion on their own outfits.

Alternatively, and this is the real highlight, compares and says an Amazon app called StyleCheck, which looks better outfit – thanks to self-learning software and the “advice of our team of experienced fashion specialists”, as the product website says. The app decides what is best for the user, depending on the “fit, color, styling and current trends”.

Sounds like a toy for vain people, but potentially has serious consequences for its privacy and privacy.

How to Buy via Amazon for new sales

In order for EchoLook and StyleCheck working, the recordings must first be transferred to Amazon’s server. Where they are stored “indefinitely” as the company communicated on request from motherboard. Unless the users delete them at any time via the app. Whether Amazon distributes or sells the photos, videos and other data to third parties. The company has not yet clarified, nor exactly what exactly the data does.

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With what data the mode algorithm was trained, is also unclear. Is it perhaps one-sided, because, for example, many slender white women are represented in the training data? It would not be the first time something like this happened. But how sensible and tactful would a fashion consultant, who only beautiful, what pale models stands?

It would also be possible for Amazon to expand EchoLook’s abilities to turn it into a sales machine with how to buy. Because of the sheer willingness to help, “our team of experienced fashion specialists” will hardly work. The device is thus perhaps at some time able to recognize all the clothing that Amazon has in the assortment and a customer in the wardrobe. Based on the corresponding user profile, Amazon could then make shopping suggestions, right down to underwear.

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