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Big Data of Facebook and Whatsapp

Facebook may not continue to use WhatsApp data

Do you know big data? Big data is about everything which is related to our life. Everybody knows that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram listen to us via microphone and these information of us creates a huge compact group. This group determines ads on phone or computer. Social media has not only listening feature but also interpretive or commenting feature. Please try talk with your friend for 20-30 minutes around your smartphone and open your phone and enter facebook or any browser. You will see what you talk about topic with your friend.

Anyway, according to a court decision, Facebook is still not allowed to use data from users of the sms and video call service WhatsApp.The administrative court of Hamburg confirmed an order from the Hamburg data protection commissioner Johannes Caspar last autumn. Caspar welcomed:

After this decision there will still be no mass balance of data between domestic users between WhatsApp and Facebook.

This means that the millions of WhatsApp users in Germany are “not defenseless”. This is true decision; however you can’t see neither Whatspp’s data nor Facebook’s data. Or interaction between each other.

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The judgement prohibits Facebook from collecting and storing the telephone number and other personal data of WhatsApp users if the parties concerned have not given their consent. Facebook had bought the Messenger Service 2014.

Facebook had filed a lawsuit against the order of the Data Protection Supervisor to enforce last year’s data transmission of WhatsApp users. However, the court did not see any legal basis for this. The privacy interests of the WhatsApp users in Germany are more important than the economic interest of Facebook. The company plans to appeal against the decision, said a spokesman for the on-line network.

Data already collected does not have to be deleted

The second part of Caspar’s statement – to delete already collected data – does not have to obey Facebook initially, explained the administrative court. This claim is not immediately enforceable. The data protector explained that it was an oversight to order the immediate enforcement of the deletion.

The Hamburg administrative court admitted at the same time that “it was not yet clear whether Germany’s data protection law was applicable” and Caspar would be able to take action against Facebook Ireland. According to German regulations there was no consent. And: “The interests of the WhatsApp users in Germany are of paramount importance in the interests of the WhatsApp users.”

In September, Caspar had forbidden Facebook with an immediately executable notification of the plans for the use of some information from German WhatsApp users. The reason: The on-line network data had not consented to the German data protection regulations. Facebook concludes that they operate in Europe according to Irish data protection law, because it is the international headquarters of the company.

Broadcasting also in the direction of the EU

“The decision about big data also has a strong impact on the EU,” Caspar said. “I believe that we are on the right track, that we will not have to accept such mass comparisons at European level.” Today, the EU Data Protection Directive already applies a comparable level of data privacy with the Data Protection Code. “Against this background, I can not imagine that this data exchange will still take place.” Many of his data protection colleagues from other countries also criticized the plans.

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When buying WhatsApp 2014, it was stated that the data should remain separate until further notice and WhatsApp should continue to act independently. In the late summer of 2016 WhatsApp then announced to forward the user’s phone number to Facebook. In addition, the company’s mother will share information on how often the short message service is used. This should improve advertising and the friends’ suggestions in Facebook services, it said.

At the same time, it was assured that Facebook would not have access to the contents of the short news – also because they were encrypted. After the intervening of the data protection, the transfer and use of the data of WhatsApp users was suspended all over Europe.
Facebook stressed that WhatsApp’s data protection rules and their updating have been designed in accordance with applicable law. They will continue to work with regulators and answer their questions.

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