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Portable Computer and Future – Quantum

The Near-Bill-Gates invented portable computer and is interested in quantum computer.

Lee Felsenstein developed the first portable computer. Nevertheless, he was neither rich nor famous. A documentary pays tribute to him and other failed pioneers of Silicon Valley.

Portable Computer

The well-known stories from Silicon Valley are success stories. They are about people who have an idea with which they can make the world happy and give them immeasurable wealth. But the history of the Silicon Valley is at the same time full of pioneers who have done extraordinary and are neither rich nor famous. Lee rock is one of them.

portable computer

The 71-year-old is one of the fathers of the personal portable computer, he has developed the first portable – or say: draggable – PC. In the struggles of the student-driven time at the University of California in Berkeley, Felsenstein developed the first social computer medium, before the Internet, long before Facebook and Twitter. (more…)


Ad blockers and anti-ad blockers on Internet

Ad blockers and anti-ad blockers compete in the net. While Google is considering developing its own advertising blocks, researchers are working on the “Super weapon“.

If you block me, I’ll block you – abblock and anti ablock

The Internet is a race. On the one hand, the operators of commercial websites and their advertising partners stand. On the other hand, there are start-ups, worried users and data protectionists. And in between: developers, researchers and companies like Google, Apple and Facebook who want to communicate. It is about ad blockers and anti-adblockers to counter-defense.


The martial vocabulary is used by researchers from Stanford and Princeton universities in a new study (Storey et al., 2017). In the past two years the debate has escalated, they write. (more…)

Social Media

Facebook wants to read thoughts

The company is working on converting brain signals directly into fonts. However, one does not want to indiscriminate thoughts indiscriminately, the operators of the network assure.

Facebook and Future Plan

Facebook wants to convert thoughts to text on the computer via listening people via Instagram and Whatsapp and using Facebook Messenger. For example, the opportunity to send a text message to a friend without the smartphone, said Facebook manager Regina Dugan at the in-house developer conference F8 in San Jose, California. The current goal is to get to 100 words per minute.

facebook news

Dugan referred to current research at Stanford University. (more…)


Federal government proposes Internet claw list

The Federal Government wants to improve the legal certainty for operators of open WLANs with a further amendment of the law.

New Internet List from The Federal Government

On Wednesday the Cabinet adopted the draft of a third law amending the TMG to remove the weaknesses of a law amendment from June 2016.

Compared to a previous draft, some details have been modified. Authorities should be given the right to suspend WLANs temporarily.

WLan Users

In addition, the government introduces a kind of official blocking list with Internet addresses in order to prevent copyright infringements or other legal violations. (more…)

Social Media

Facebook and illegal content

At the very least, the warning shot has acted as follows: Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) in his first draft of the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) ​​threatened to impose a fine of up to 50 million euros for the operators of social networks, if they did not delete “obviously illegal” content within 24 hours. This also caused headlines internationally, from which sometimes a certain reverence spoke.

Facebook and Illegal Content

Maas says it is serious and is going on a confrontation course with US companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, which play on the subject of hate and false notices on time – that was the impression the minister wanted to convey. On Wednesday, the draft was passed by the Cabinet about Facebook.

Facebook Social

The 50 million euro fine has shrunk from the constant threat to the theoretical option. In the first version it was clear that the first infringement of the law could lead to a fine. (more…)

Social Media

Facebook Messenger Live Location And Find Friends

Messenger shows where the Facebook friends are

The latest function of Facebook-Messengers helps. It is currently being launched worldwide and will soon be available to all messenger users.

Facebook Live Location

Users can already share current locations with selected friends in the coming days with the so-called “Live Location“; The new service will gradually be available. (more…)