Apple’s Problem with Qualcomm in the US

Qualcomm has applied to the US Trade Authority ITC for an import ban. The chip maker accuses Apple’s breach of contract.

Apple threatens in the US import ban for iPhones

The Group had discontinued payments to Qualcomm because it considered its license requirements too high.

The controversy between Apple and Qualcomm, which has been open since January, is a new round. Qualcomm has applied to the US trade authority ITC for an import ban on iPhones. At least, Bloomberg has reported on an informant familiar with the strategy of the chip manufacturer. He wants to ensure that iPhones made in Asia can no longer be sold in the USA. It is not excluded that Qualcomm will extend the license dispute and also call courts in the UK, Germany and China to impose a ban on imports or sales in these countries.The move would be the reaction of Qualcomm to Apple’s end-April announcement, the license payments to adjust. As a result, Qualcomm is threatening to avoid revenues of several billion dollars. The company therefore had to correct its forecast downwards. There is also the risk that other licensees will follow Apple’s example and also want to impose lower license payments.

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Up to the iPhone 7 Qualcomm was for Apple the only supplier for smartphone modems. Apple, however, has suspended payments to the orderer of the iPhone, which in turn Qualcomm as a licensee. Therefore, Qualcomm accused Apple, it violates previously concluded contracts.

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Apple, on the other hand, wants to have a billion dollar damages from Qualcomm. This claim motivates Apple that the Chip Entickler not only demanded excessive licensing fees, but also for technology calls for licensing fees, which he has not developed at all.

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